Our stallions

Levantos I HL 265

Dark brown,born 1990, 172cm

Elite class Holsteiner in a manner of true major stallion. Everything about him is just right - best purebred qualities combined with special classic gait and outstanding jumping ability.

LEVANTOS I was a 1992 Reserve Champion at the Holstein approval in Neumunster. He has an ideal bloodline constellation in his pedigre: LIOSTRO, one of the last this great line founder's son; LADYKILLER XX; as well as impressive grey stallion CANTUS, from whom Holstein approval winners - ROCADERO (1982) and LAURENZ (1992) - have originated.

He was dead in June 2014.

Corall HL258

Grey, born 1998, 172cm

CORALL is approved stallion in Latvia and Germany. Marvellous character. Lightly ridable. Jumping index in 70 days tests - 127,45. Average jumping grade in tests - 9,20
His father CORRADO I is an international class sport horse,medallist of many international contests. 19 his sons are certified studhorses.

Colard OL 7

Red,born 2004, 168cm

COLARD'S father COLMAN was the best jumper in stallion exposition in 1999. His is a stallion with perfect exterior and flexible moves. In his turn grandfather CARTHAGO is great sport horse - has participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney. COLMAN's first offspring are approved as very promising; the first ones - borne in 2001 - have gained success in contests up to level L.

Lengli OL ( F.Levantos I

Le Grand  OL4

Brown ,born 2002, 168cm

Krokant  TR

Dark ,born 2004, 170cm

Amadeuss  OL (F. Argentinus HN)

Argentinus  HN

Calagrand LS ( F. Colard  M.F  Le Grand)


Caragon  OL ( F. Corall  MF. Abke)


Caligul  LS (F.Colard MF.Levantos I)

Leston Ls1754

Dark brown,born 2006, 168cm

Licensed in Latvia for Latvian horse breeds.
Father of LESTON is LEVANTOS I,father of his mother is LADYKILLER XX

Muskats  L1529

Dark ,born 1991, 167cm

Gvidons  Ls1575

Rufs OL (F. Rolando  FF. Ramiro)

Brown ,born 1987, 172cm

Ramiro HL 

Rovers HL  (F.Ritual   FF.Ramiro)

Intermezzo  OL (F. I Need You  SF )

Musturs  LS  ( F. Muskats